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The Policy Experimentation Evaluation Platform (PEEP) is an accredited non-governmental development organisation based in Portugal. PEEP supports evidence-based policy making in research, education and innovation as part of the twin transitions to a green and digital future. PEEP works with public and private actors at different territorial levels to co-design policies that positively respond to societal challenges. PEEP collaborates with change-oriented leaders in the public and private sectors to achieve breakthrough results through research, development, experimentation and evaluation and works on the principle that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”.

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Areas of Activity

OUR ACTIVITIES PEEP expertise lies in the three related fields of education and skills, research and innovation and local and regional development, as well as in the sourcing, promotion and management of EU development funds to aid innovation and transition in these domains.

Education and Skills

Helping to deliver change and innovation in policy and practice relating to education and skills development.

Research and Innovation

Helping to build innovation ecosystems that produce and apply knowledge to address market needs and societal challenges.

Local and Regional Development

Helping to design, test, and implement place-based initiatives that support sustainable development and industrial transition.

Our Projects

OUR PROJECTS AND PARTNERSHIPS PEEP has been actively involved in the management and delivery of a number of groundbreaking international projects and partnerships focusing on policy innovation, change and modernisation. A full list of projects can be seen under PROJECTS.