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PEEP is an NGO that supports evidence-based policymaking in education reform and economic development. Our mission is to drive social change through policy experimentation and evaluation. We believe in a future where the public and private sectors work together to design policies that answer social needs. Effective policies are built through engaging people, exchanging solutions and evaluating results.



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Our Projects

Since 2010, we at PEEP have been international coordinators or partners of multiple projects aiming at policy change. We work on Education reform (entrepreneurship education, innovation, policy solutions for NEETs), Economic Development (governance, sustainability & the green economy, youth work), Social Inclusion (gender equality, refugees/migrants, racial integration) and Capacity Building for NGOs, private companies, and the public sector.

Policy Experimentation

Policy is a powerful way to bring about social change. Policy experimentation is about testing the effects of policy interventions in a real-world setting, before a new policy is adopted. It represents a low-risk way of facilitating institutional innovation.

Thanks to policy experimentation, large-scale policy implementations only go forward if a smaller-scale implementation at the policy experimentation level convinces the involved stakeholders of the evidence-based benefits of the intervention. Scientific progress over the centuries has been driven by experimentation, eventually leading to the right answers. Policy-makers can rely on policy experimentation for optimal results.





Areas of Work

Education reform

Entrepreneurship education, innovation, early school leavers, NEETs



Economic development

SME development, governance, business innovation, culture, sustainability & the green economy, youth work, agricultural development


Social inclusion

Youths, refugees/migrants, gender equality, racial integration, disabilities



Capacity building for NGOs

Both private companies and the public sector, including training, advocating policy reform, networking, project finance